Ulster American Folk Park

Categories: Documentary

Title: For My Land I fight
Client: Ulster American Folk Park – NMNI

Type of work: educational documentary and photographs

Description: Native American veterans candidly talk about their perspectives on war and warfare in intimate portraits that reveal a complex relationship with today’s changing world.

Shot on location by Simona Piantieri in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, on an idea by Max Carocci, the documentary accompanies the traveling exhibition he curated for the British Museum Warriors of the Plains: Two Hundred Years of Ritual and Honour.

The film complements the book Warriors of the Plains: the Arts of Plains Indian Warfare by Max Carocci, which features cover and photographs by Simona Piantieri.

To purchase the book Warriors of the Plains please go to: The British Museum shop
Alternatively you can also find on Amazon at: Amazon shop
To view Max Carocci’s latest work go to: Exhibition

Shown at: 2012 – Ulster American Folk Park – NMNI

Script and voice over: Max Carocci
Photography and Editing: Simona Piantieri
Voice over: Iliana Flade
Music: Adriano Dragotta

***Full credits at the end of the video.